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Humble beginnings is the story of Jamaican Flavor's great products. Born in Maroon Town Jamaica, West Indies our Great Grandmother Agnes Brissett migrated to Kingston, Jamaica in 1931. On the corner of King Street Downtown Kingston, she began her small beef patty street vending business serving the business community out of a small coal heated patty pan for many years.


2:00 am every morning she began the process of patiently hand grinding fresh beef with garden vegetables and tropical seasonings to create an awesome flavor. This time tested recipe is the same goodness Jamaican Flavors uses until this day. We pride ourselves on quality. No by-products, just authentic ingredients.


Our motto has always been the same: To provide our customer with a product and service that will exceed our customer's expectations and ensure their return. We are honored to serve you our great line of products and we hope that you enjoy, NY's #1 Patties!

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